Time and the character of things.

Time and the character of things” is a project that started with the interest of old objects, in particular, the stories behind them. Within this project I am exploring ways to create time in objects without having this time, finding alternatives by using tools to make tools and creating a story by my own making and doing.

These projects started out with the fascination for handmade and aged items, as well as my philosophy about objects in daily life. In today's society we have lost our connection with the products that we use on a daily basis. We consume and use industrially made items that lack human touch and character. My love and interest for unique items derives from the fact that the objects journey is written on its body, marks and signs of wear that reveal its path of life. As a maker, the only thing I truly cannot create is time. However, through my practice I aim to create objects that have similar characteristics and thereby spark the same fascination in others as it did in me. Creating objects that are worthy of someones love and care, able to withstand the tests of time.

I aim for these objects to have their own personal history and journey, from the very beginning.
In order to achieve this, it is necessary to start from the bottom by creating my own tools to guide in the process of making.


Tools stand at the foundation of society. They are crucial for survival and enable a self sufficient way of living.

In order to fully understand the process of making, I made my own collection of tools. Here the story starts of how tools come alive to shape an object. By tracing materials, techniques, crafts and culture, and my own feelings, thoughts, reflections and knowledge, I aim to enrich the “persona” of a tool. A tool which is then used to create objects that are embedded with the history and characteristics of their ancestors.
These tools have a “character” of their own. They are made to last and hopefully will be passed on to many next generations, in order to shape their own history. Leaving a trace on every object that they help to shape.

Inspired by collecting second hand items, this project started out with my affinity and curiosity for their “personal” qualities.

Second hand objects carry characteristics of time. “Damages” like dents, scratches, corrosion and so on, occur by use and show an object's journey and past. It tells a story about the way it was handled and cared for by its previous owners. Marks left by production stamps, tell about the tools origin, and material composition. They all resemble time and use, which in my opinion, makes an object truly rich.
Conventional industrially produced objects are not valued and are often replaced way too soon. As opposed to this I wish to surround myself solely with domestic objects that embody characteristics of crafts. By using my own set of tools, skills, and knowledge, an ongoing collection of objects for daily use is being formed. Objects born with the intent to be taken care of and looked after. Creating a higher value and personal connection between an object and its user, and thereby giving it a long life in the care of me or someone else.