This monolithic lounge table is the result of a design process starting off with an extensive research into communication tools, the neolithic era and dolmen.

Dolmen are one of the earliest remains of human communication, they are iconic monumental structures erected in the neolithic era.

Their emergence and function serve as indicators of social development. With dol-men, meaning stone table, I designed a domestic object, a coffee table, as tables have  been an important centerpoint of gathering and comunication.

Based on Marshall McLuhans philosophy about a medium being the message, this monolithic furniture piece is the embodiment, the medium of a long history of human culture and a
tribute to the neolithic era.

My intention was to make a product inspired by megalithic structure (designs of a compatible series) in an object-like aesthetic, but still suitable as furniture in ones residency.  The designs will be inspired by the dolmen structure, and for some designs made more elaborate.

It is a re framing of dolmen, as inspiration as well as tribute to the megalith structures.