Earth materials, like wood, are rich and raw in texture and rough in tactile sensation.

We have lost touch with its true state of being and now mostly deal with wood as a manufactured commodity.

Through the production of an understated and simple shelving unit, I wanted to accentuate the beauty of wood by focusing on shapes, and charring the wood to emphasise the tree's characteristics like its grain, knots, cracks, holes etc. Charring makes the manufactured wood more organic, soft and tactile as the connections “flow" into each other.

Black hides and absorbs other colors, it highlights the narrative that is captured within the tree without demanding to be the centre of attention. It enables the unit to easily coexist with the rest of its environment.

After an extensive material and theoretical research my goal was to "pare down to the essence, but not remove the poetry". To achieve simplicity as a whole, without losing the warm character of wood.

'The nostalgic smell of smoke, burned wood and linseed oil play with the olfactory sense,
they create an extra dimension to the sensorial experience.

Exhibition Plymouth, Leadworks  01.2020